How To Use Social Bookmarking to Boost Your SEO Efforts

Social bookmarking is a great way to gain site exposure, introduce users to your site, and promote blog posts to your target audience. An effective social bookmarking strategy will increase the number visitors to your site, but they typically will have a higher bounce rate than those coming from other sources.

If you’re unfamiliar with social bookmarking sites, they allow users to publicly save their favorite webpages. Marketers often use these outlets to submit their client’s web pages to increase site exposure. The tips below will show you how to improve your social bookmarking campaign.

Use Tags and Descriptions

When submitting web pages to social bookmarking sites, it’s very important to include a keyword rich title and description tag that includes a call to action encouraging users to visit your site. You need to take advantage of tagging as well; many users discover new content by searching tag categories.

Bookmark Quality Content

There’s no need to create a book mark for every page on your website. Only bookmark quality content that will prove value for your audience showing you are a subject matter authority.

Stick to Well-Known Bookmarking Sites 

With so many bookmarking sites on the Internet it’s easy to waste your time with poor quality sites. Using quality bookmaking sites, and bookmarking sites that your target market is likely to visit will ensure you’re maximizing your social bookmarking efforts.

Below is a list of the most popular, well-known social bookmarking sites:







If you are looking for an easy way to increase traffic and visibility to your website or blog social bookmarking is the way to go.   Following the simple tips above will enhance the benefits of social bookmarking and drive traffic to your site.  Contact us today to learn more about social bookmarking and how to effectively use this tactic!

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