Creating a Corporate Identity on the Web

Developing a unique corporate web identity and logo will convey your company message without you having to say a word. Cohesive logos and branding will reinforce your company’s image and personality when used effectively.

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nashville digital agency

The Benefits of Using an Integrated Digital Agency

Keeping up with digital marketing trends and technology can be overwhelming for companies of all sizes.   If your company is considering newsletter marketing, social media, SEO strategy changes, increasing PPC spend, or expanding your product line it may be in your best interest to outsource

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https as a ranking signal

HTTPS as a Ranking Signal According to Google

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, hinted at Google using HTTPS as a ranking signal months ago and now it’s official.  For the first time ever, Google has announced that it’s factoring HTTPS into its search algorithm for the search engine.  While the Internet

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square space vs wordpress seo

Squarespace vs WordPress for SEO

More and more small business are turning to “do it yourself” website building programs due to budget constraints.  These programs allow users to easily build custom mobile websites using a low-cost or free CMS.  Often times these programs will impact on a website’s search engine

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Announcing the Latest Service from Google: Google Domains

Two weeks after GoDaddy filed for its IPO, Google expanded upon their ever-increasing Internet dominance with Google Domains, a domain name registration service. With this service users will be able to purchase and sell new and existing domain names directly through Google. “Businesses will be

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