Creating a Corporate Identity on the Web

Developing a unique corporate web identity and logo will convey your company message without you having to say a word. Cohesive logos and branding will reinforce your company’s image and personality when used effectively.

Corporate Identity

Your company only has a short period of time to make an impression on a customer, making corporate identity vital.  Branding is key to increasing your image and forming the public’s feeling towards your company. A distinguished corporate identity will set you apart from the competition and make your company unforgettable.

A digital marketing agency will use a combination of resources to analyze a look that strategically identifies your company creating a highly recognizable design. Once the design is created the branded image is applied to business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.

Branding can be as simple as using consistent colors, logos, and slogans to complete set of guidelines explaining proper font, logo, color, and slogan usage across multiple platforms.

Logo Design

Logo design is all around us. A digital agency understands that your logo serves as an instant reminder of your company, product or service. Your logo design helps consumers formulating opinions and attitudes about your brand.  A professional logo design is an important factor in developing this image.

Don’t confuse a logo with brand. A logo is part of the overall brand strategy. A reputable digital agency looks at the company values and focus to design an extension of your brand identity.

A logo design process typically includes:

  • The development of several logo concepts in black and white or color for your approval.
  • You choose your favorite logo concept and then revisions are made if necessary.
  • Several color schemes (color combinations) are then created for your logo. You choose one color scheme and make any final revisions desired.
  • After final approval is received the final layout of the logo is created.
  • Once you approve your new logo, final files are prepared and delivered on a CD. The new logo will then be incorporating it into corporate identity, marketing communications and your website.

Atomic Design specializes in everything from high-end corporate branding and logo design to new logos for small businesses.  Contact us today for additional information on our logo design and corporate branding services.

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Christopher J. Hanna is an entrepreneur known for founding Atomic Design an Internet marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and web design, as well as TSM Agency. He sold his first six-figure business at the age of 25 and has helped over 1,000 businesses over the years. He now consults other agencies and businesses in digital marketing.
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