Develop loyal customers using social media.

Develop Loyal Customers With Social Media

Looking for loyal customers for your business? Then social media is the marketing tactic you need. Based on Atomic Design’s years of experience, social media provides many benefits to help you build a loyal customer base. Let’s talke a look at a few of these

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Blogging Tips for Small Businesses

Blogging is a huge time commitment and should not be taken on lightly. That being said, the benefits creating a successful blog are enormous. Blogging gives companies the ability to extend their reach, and connect with new and existing customers. There are also enormous SEO

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Creating a Corporate Identity on the Web

Developing a unique corporate web identity and logo will convey your company message without you having to say a word. Cohesive logos and branding will reinforce your company’s image and personality when used effectively.

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4 simple steps to improve your blog

4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Blog’s Content Strategy

Like any project, taking the time to plan a content strategy for your blog will greatly improve your chances of being successful. Blogging without a plan usually results in a waste of time and money. To create a content strategy you need to find your

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5 tips to improve local seo

5 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

Sometimes SEO can feel like you’re going to war with Google, but if you’re trying to rank locally above national companies Google is actually on your side! Google has been updating their algorithms over the past few years to prioritize local results. The following tips

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