Is there any benefit to registering a hashtag?

We know what you’re thinking, and we were just as surprised as you are to learn that you can actually register a hashtag. Registering a hashtag differs from registering a domain name, because you don’t actually own rights to using the hashtag.

We were intrigued by the concept and visited TWUBS to learn more. We decided to register the hashtag #PromotionalModels for our client the TSM Agency. The TSM Agency is a trade show and promotional model staffing agency.

Registering the hashtag was simple and painless. We were prompted to select one or more tags describing the hash tag you’re registering and provide basic information about ourselves to create an account.

Once our hashtag was registered we were brought to the #promotionalmodels feed, which streams all of tweets containing that hashtag. This feature does not provide the user with any value as you can get the same results with a hashtag search on Twitter.

The benefit we’re most excited about is our client being placed in the hashtag directory as the owner of #promotionalmodels. We were also able to include a link to our clients website in the description of the hashtag.

The verdict: Probably not.

We may receive a hit or two from the link we provided in the hashtag description, but we doubt that there is any benefit to this service. That being said it only took about 2 minutes to register a hashtag, and we’d much rather see our clients logo next to the industry’s top hashtags than their competitors.

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