Three Drawbacks To Having Just Mobile-Friendly Local Businesses

Today’s customers understand local and mobile without a second thought, do local business owners really understand the importance of mobile?


Businesses are literally losing opportunities by not having a truly mobile-friendly website experience for customers. In a mobile world where people move back and forth from to device-to-device, consumers expect a seamless experience from tablet to smartphone and from laptop to smart TV. To win at serving today’s mobile customers, local businesses should avoid the top 3 pitfalls.



  1. Assuming a responsive website fixes everything
  • Number one pitfall for local businesses is assuming things are going to work just because you have a responsive website
  • Responsive websites can still make your visitors painfully scroll on your webpages: on one company’s website, the conversion rate was faltering on mobile, during the testing site – tired to sign up for a product only to realize that on mobile, the featured product comparisons chart wasn’t responsive although the website was
  • To make sure your website visitors can actually benefit from your mobile website no matter what mobile device is used, use Chrome’s mobile emulator


  1. Forgetting what people are really looking for on mobile
  • Local businesses must make sure to provide relevant info to customers on the move
  • You can have a great mobile plan, but can forget the core pages that people really need to access on the go
  • This can become an issue especially for business with separate mobile websites that are essentially smaller mobile-friendly versions of desktop websites
  • Check to make sure website pages such as the location finder and location landing pages, for example, are smartphone user-friendly
  • Do a brand mobile search for your business and make sure the top results are truly mobile-friendly by testing them for any device



  1. Missing the mobile traffic details
  • Many businesses have mobile-friendly websites, but many businesses are not tracking mobile traffic correctly
  • Recommend the mobile overview report located in the audience section of Google Analytics
  • Allow businesses to break down website traffic among mobile, desktop and tablet-you can even pay attention to the difference among bounce rates, conversion rates and revenue
  • Benchmarking report to allow you to see whether your website is on par with similar sites
  • Pay attention to conversions on mobile points when users drop off, can also help identify if a mobile website is effective
  • It’s going on level beyond that surface data, not just competing against everyone else in the marketplace, but a lot of times you are setting the bar higher for yourself and your own business.”


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