SEO Tag Optimization

Performing basic SEO tasks on a website that was not built using a CMS (content management system) may require some basic HTML knowledge.  Outlined below are basic guidelines for creating and writing some common tags that are needed on a website.


Title Tag Optimization 

  • The title tag should be the first tag in the <head> </head> section of the code.  Each page should have only 1 title tag.  Code Sample Below:


<title>Example Title | Company or Brand Name</title>


  • Optimal Title Tag Format:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

  • Capitalize all words in the title except for trivial words such as “a”, “in”, etc.
    • Avoid the use of stop words that don’t convey much information (such as ‘”a”, “in”,  etc. ) in the title
    • Try to keep the title tag to a max of 60 characters (insignificant words can get cut off, but keywords never should)
  • Each page needs a unique title tag using different keyword phrases.


Description Tag Optimization 

  • The description tag should be placed below the Title tag in the <head> </head> section each page.
  • If a description tag if one is not already on the site.  Below is a basic code sample:

<meta name=”description” content=”This is an example of a meta description. This will often show up in search results.”>

  • Use the keywords identified for the title tag to write a compelling description that will cause the searcher to take action.  Use basic punctuation in the description – apostrophes, period, commas, etc.  Words such as “and” should be spelled out.
  • The description should optimally be between 150-160 characters including spaces.
  • Each page should have unique description tags.


Anchor Tag Formatting 

  • The clickable, viewable text in a hyper-link.  This should include a keyword phrase if possible.  Code Sample Below:

<a href=””>Example Anchor Text</a>


ALT Tag Formatting 

  • Text should be 5-10 words maximum and include a keyword phrase if possible.  Code Sample Below:

<img src=“example.jpg” alt=“Example Keyword Phrase”/>


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