Google Analytics: New Benchmarking Report

Google Analytics New Benchmarking Report

Google Analytics (GA) has finally created the benchmarking report users have been asking for! This report allows webmasters and marketers to access industry averages and compare site traffic to their competition. Benchmarking against competitors is a terrific asset for analyzing a site performance and setting marketing goals and objectives.


The catch? GA users must share their own information (anonymously) to access the report. While some users may be weary of volunteering their information in order to access this tool, we believe the benefits of having access to industry averages far outweighs the inconvenience of sharing information.


“Google Analytics’ benchmarking report is an invaluable tool for assessing a website’s performance against the competition. Having a report that allows you to compare sessions, device, and Channel Grouping provides marketers with the data we need to further analyze and improve a website’s marketing campaign.” Lisa Emrich, Director of Marketing, Atomic Design.



How do I assess Benchmarking on Google Analytics?

Benchmarking reports are currently available to a select few accounts. As we mentioned, only users who have opted to “Share anonymously with Google and others” will have access to the reports. Google plans to roll out the new reporting interface over the next few weeks and will add to the reports functionality in the future.


Google Analytics Benchmarking report details

We have a feeling that these reports will become increasingly detailed and specialized in the future, but for now the benchmarking report will offer the following:


  • 1600 industry categories
  • 1250 markets
  • 7 size buckets


In addition you will be able to compare your data against benchmarks for the following metrics:


  • Sessions
  • New Sessions
  • Pages/Session
  • Average Session Duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Location
  • Device
  • Default Channel Grouping


We will provide more information on the benchmarking report as Google Analytics makes updates to the feature. Follow our blog to stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

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HTTPS as a Ranking Signal According to Google

HTTPS ranking signal on Google

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, hinted at Google using HTTPS as a ranking signal months ago and now it’s official.  For the first time ever, Google has announced that it’s factoring HTTPS into its search algorithm for the search engine.  While the Internet giant admitted that this would be a relatively weak ranking factor, they admit that this may change in the future.

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Announcing the Latest Service from Google: Google Domains

Announcing Google Domains

Two weeks after GoDaddy filed for its IPO, Google expanded upon their ever-increasing Internet dominance with Google Domains, a domain name registration service. With this service users will be able to purchase and sell new and existing domain names directly through Google.

“Businesses will be able to search, find, purchase and transfer the best domain for their business – whether it’s .com, .biz, .org, or any of the wide range of new domains that are being released to the Web.” -Google

The service is currently in invite-only beta, offering select companies a free one-year registration for a standard domain.

Users can apply for a trial code by visiting and searching for a domain name. When the project leaves Beta, registration is expected to be $12 a year.


Features of Google’s service include:


  • Free private registration (other services charge to keep name and personal information private. Go Daddy for example, changes $7.99 for privacy protection).
  • Up to 100 branded emails. Google also includes free email forwarding from user’s company accounts to their personal Gmail addresses.
  • Access to domain management tools, and easy integration with popular website builders.
  • Complete email and phone support is available once you purchase through Google Domain services.
  • Up to 100 custom sub-domains.
  • Domains will use Google’s DNS servers so users can expect a quick response time when hitting your favorite websites!


Given the fact that they were once partners, it’s noteworthy that Google would choose to reveal their domain registry services just after GoDaddy filed for it’s IPO. It will be interesting to see how Google’s new service affects GoDaddy’s share prices.


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